Clark Roofing Ltd provide a wide range of roofing services to properties in Halifax. If your roof has been damaged through wear and tear or bad weather conditions, you may be at risk of structural damage, mould problems and water damage, which could lead to damp forming on the interior of your property. Specialising in flat roofing, guttering and Velux windows, our contractors can take care of the whole installation project, so you do not have to hire anyone else. With over 17 years of experience working on roofs, our team can carry out roof installations for new builds and existing houses, whether it is a bungalow or multi storey building. We understand that excessive wear and extreme weather can lead to the deterioration of your roof, which is why we offer a comprehensive roof repair, guttering repair and chimney repair service.


Our wide range of roofing services are available to clients in Halifax and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire. Our services include:

  • New Roof Installation
  • Gutter Maintenance & Repair
  • Roofing Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Felt Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Clay Tile Roofing
  • Concrete Roofing
  • Velux Windows
  • Skylights
    • UPVC Plastics
    • Fascias & Soffits
    • Fibreglass
    • Flashing
    • Chimney Pointing
    • Lead Work
    • Maintenance Work
    • Lightweight Insulated Roofs
    • Lead Soakers
    • Home Extension Roofs


Flat roofs are a popular choice of roof for houses, garages and extensions. The supporting structure of a flat roof is a timber frame made of joists, timber decking, wall plates and metal joist hangers, which we custom build on your site. Although they are called flat roofs, it is essential that they have a minor fall to ensure water can easily flow off the roof rather than puddles forming, as puddles can lead to leaks. The average flat roof in the UK has a pitch of approximately ten degrees. You can choose which flat roof covering you would like, as we have felt and mastic asphalt available, which are both made from bitumen. It is essential when we are installing your roof that we prevent leaks from occurring at abutments and parapets. We create a skirting to ensure it is watertight at the edge of the flat roof where the roof covering meets the house walls.

Although we are experts in flat roofing systems, we also specialise in the installation of natural slate, concrete tiles, single ply membrane, leadwork and shingles.


Our team at Clark Roofing Ltd provide roofing services and repairs for when your roof shows signs of damage. Signs that your roof is damaged and needs repairing include:

  • Damp Patches
  • Mould
  • Light Coming Through the Roof
  • Loose Roof Tiles
  • Roof Sagging
  • Broken Flashing
  • Gutter Full of Debris
    • Leak in Attic
    • If It Is Over 25 Years Old
    • Falling Mortar
    • Underlay is Rotting
    • Broken Ridge
    • Granular Material on Shingles

We can carry out all aspects of roof repairs including flat roof repairs, repointing work, guttering replacement, leak repairs and tile replacement.


Guttering can be made from a variety of materials including cast iron, painted steel, lead, galvanised steel, painted aluminium, PVC and copper. Our contractors can install both metal guttering and plastic (PVC) guttering, always in compliance with the relevant building regulations. Metal gutters are beneficial as they can expand and contract according to the temperature, and they are not damaged by UV light from the sun, unlike plastic guttering. Iron cast metal guttering systems are heavy and strong and able to withstand extreme elements, however the other metals are much lighter. Modern metal guttering is seamless, meaning there are no joints, screws or bolts that could break or erode, decreasing the chance of a leak. PVC (plastic) guttering is strong and flexible, and less likely to lose its shape.

The purpose of a gutter is to drain away rain when it lands on your property, to stop a flood occurring or excessive puddles forming. Keeping your gutter clean and maintained is essential for protecting the interior and exterior of your property from structural damage caused by water. Our roofers can remove built up leaves and debris from your gutter, remove any blockages and clear the downpipe to ensure your guttering systems are operating as they should. If your gutter is sagging, then the screws on the brackets may have come loose, or the bracket may need replacing.


Halifax is a small town in West Yorkshire that is historically known for manufacturing wool and Mackintosh’s chocolate including quality street and rolo. In Halifax you can visit Eureka!– the national children’s museum, Shibden Hall & Estate and Holdsworth House Hotel and Restaurant. As the largest town in Calderdale, Halifax has many places for locals to visit in the town centre including the Halifax Borough Market, the Victorian Craft Beer Café and The Piece Hall. The Wainhouse Tower is a folly located in south west Halifax that opened in 1875 and is famous for having 403 steps and being the tallest folly in the world.

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