Our fully qualified roof contractors can provide the installation and repair of your cladding, chimney or guttering in the Bradford area. With over 17 years of experience, we can identify any problem with your roof, and carry out repairs and maintenance to fix the problem to ensure it does not happen again. The most common roofing materials are interlocking tiles, clay tiles, concrete, stone, metal, shingles and thatch, and our roofers can work with all of these materials. All the materials we use are long-lasting, and designed to withstand the heat, cold, and wind. We can provide our roofing services for garages, new roofs, conservatories, balconies and extensions, whether your property is a new build, or you are renovating your existing property.


Just some of the services our roof contractors can carry out are:

  • Flat Roofing
  • Pitched Roofing
  • Pointing
  • New Roofs
  • Roof Repairs
  • Fascias & Soffits
  • Windows & Flashing
  • Slate & Tiled Roofing
  • Chimney Work
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Guttering
  • UPVC Plastics
  • Lightweight Insulated Roofs
  • Lead Roofing
  • Slate Roofs
  • Velux Windows
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof


Getting a new roof installed to your home is a large investment to make, however it can increase the value of your home, improve its aesthetics and reduce the risk of leaks causing damage to your interior. An asphalt shingle roof lasts around 25 years before it starts to deteriorate and become vulnerable to weather and damage. Our roof contractors can install new roofs to your home if the shingles are curling, missing or cracked, which would mean your roof is exposed to water when it rains. Another reason you may need a new roof installing could be if there are excessive granules in the gutter, meaning the shingles are exposed to the sunlight and have been damaged by UV rays. If your roof is sagging or your can see sunlight from the attic, there is a major leakage problem with your roof and you should replace it immediately. If you require a new roof for your home, our team will help you choose a suitable material, request the necessary planning permission, and carry out the entire installation process.

When having a new roof installed, you should consider replacing your current chimney, if there are pieces of masonry becoming unstable and there are signs of deterioration. To prevent your chimney from needing repairs, you should take advantage of our yearly chimney maintenance service.


The purpose of fascias and soffits is to protect your home from rotting, leaking and damp, whilst keeping your roofline looking aesthetically pleasing. Our fascias and soffits are made of weather resistant materials such as UPVC, which is a durable plastic that protects your guttering from strong winds. The fascia is mounted on the roofline and attatched to the trusses of the roof, holding the guttering in place and protecting it. Our team supply and install high quality fascia boards to your property if you see damaged paint, water getting in the void of the roof or the wood has soft patches. These can all be signs that your fascias are rotting, and our roof contractors can supply and install you new ones in a range of styles and colours.

Soffits are weather resistant UPVC boards and are located underneath the fascias. They provide ventilation to your roofing systems, preventing condensation from forming, reducing the risk of rotting and timber decay. They do not absorb moisture from their surroundings, meaning they are waterproof and hardwearing, reducing the likelihood of damage occurring to your roof. In addition to soffits and fascias, we can provide you with robust half round guttering and square line guttering, both of these suitable for commercial and domestic properties.


Our roof contractors can provide the supply and installation of a wide range of windows, including Velux, UPVC, timber, aluminium and skylights. Roof windows are a good investment into your home for many reasons, as they add value to your property as well as improving the look of your room as it allows a lot of natural light to enter. We can install both pitched and flat roof windows, and one of the most popular brands that we use is Velux, as they come with a 10-year guarantee and provide excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation. The different types of Velux windows we can install include centre pivot, roof terrace, top hung and combining. Our roof contractors can install both double and triple glazed windows, according to your lifestyle and budget requirements. With a wide selection of windows to choose from, you can customise your window to be manual, electronic or solar powered.


Bradford is a large city located in West Yorkshire, at the foothills of the Pennines in the North of England. During the 19th century, Bradford was known for being in the wool and milling industry, and is today home to many museums including the Bronte Parsonage Museum, the National Media Museum and the Bradford Industrial Museum. Local parks in the area include Lister Park, Peel Park and Bradford City Park. Sports teams in the area include Bradford City AFC and the Bradford Bulls RLFC, who play at Odsal Stadium during home games. When in the area, you should also visit the Cartwright Hall and the Impressions Gallery to see some of the heritage and culture Bradford has to offer.

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